Transparent Orange Waterman Ukulele



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The most original ukulele thanks to its transparency.

The plastic does not make it sound bad, it has a good resonance to be a plastic ukulele and famous for appearing in official videos of renowned artists.

Soprano size, these ukuleles are not toys. If they have an original design, but it is an instrument as good as any Kala soprano.

Mand recommended for trips or if you need to constantly transport yourself in public transit areas, you can take it wherever you want and the sound will never change. As it is highly resistant you can teach young children music with this model and encourage them to try new things!

-Custom Art Top
-Easy to clean
-Excellent for school programs

SIZE: Soprano COVER: ABS Composite BACK AND SIDES: ABS Composite FINISH: Glitter NECK: ABS Composite FINGERBOARD: ABS Composite NUT: ABS Composite STRINGS: Aquila Super Nylgut®