Tenor Ukulele 8 Strings


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8 strings ukuleles have "bent" strings and are widely used to produce a rhythmic driving sound.

The characteristic chorus effect is the result of the octave and unison harmonies that occur from one string to another.

The "High Tide" series is the main line of Luna de Ukuleles. This beautiful series of Ukes takes its inspiration from the full moon on the first fret, which makes the abalone wave fret markers that are beneath it "rise" as they move through the fretboard toward the attraction of the Moon. High tide tides are made of exotic tropical woods and sound pit framed by an abalone ring.

This beautiful Luna ukulele features a tight neck and all the mahogany construction, resulting in a complete and deep sound along with the size of the instrument's tenor body. The cut offers comfort when accessing the upper log frets, and the mahogany neck and the walnut bridge and fretboard add lasting sustain and clarity to your tone. Open-style tuners keep the instrument in precise tuning, while the built-in preamp provides easy amplification that can be quickly dialed. Dressed with a satin finish, this is a great addition for the consummate player.