Ukulele Kala Soprano Long Neck


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The Long Neck Soprano Ukulele KA-SLNG is a SUPER Ukulele. The perfect instrument to start with the right foot, but what really makes it special is its "long neck" that makes it the most acquired also by collectors and connoisseurs of ukulele. The Concert neck on a Soprano scale, opens the traditional sound of the Soprano Ukulele to a more advanced level and a larger repertoire. It is all Mahogany, except the top that is made of fir wood which makes it truly beautiful and unique. It is solid Mahogany and a mouth of fine sound. It has a glossy finish, and overall looks lovely. With sealed geared tuners and Aquila strings (Italian), so it is well equipped too. The sound is very nice and lively with a decent warmth background - really very impressive, well balanced, looks good, and sounds good