Ukulele Flora Electroacoustic Concert



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The Luna Guitars Flora Concert ukulele is adorned with hibiscus and plumeria inlays around the sound pit. Hibiscus is the national flower of Hawaii. Because flowering only lasts a short period of time every day, it sends a message to "seize the day" and symbolizes the delicate beauty. Plumeria is a symbol of spring and, therefore, is associated with birth and life. This beautiful Luna ukulele features a bright trans-violet flamed maple cover and a maple body, which produces a complete and deeper sound along with the size of the instrument's concert body. The cut offers comfort when accessing the upper log frets, and the maple neck and the walnut bridge and fretboard add lasting sustain and clarity to your tone. The open-style tuners in this Uke concert help keep the instrument in precise tuning and the built-in preamp provides easy amplification that can be quickly dialed. The beautiful Flame Maple top is complemented by a maple body, mahogany neck and walnut fingerboard. This is truly a ukulele that sounds as good as it looks!