Ukulele Soprano Flight TUS50



Ukulele soprano Travel, 12 frets, walnut top, hoops and ABS plastic bottom. ABS plastic bridge, finished in natural wood color, ABS plastic arm, ABS plastic fingerboard, ABS plastic saddle and saddle, 5, 7, 10 and 12 fret placeholders, arched back, 0 fret, tuners with open gear, point markers, including holster

Fantastic plastic.

Conventional wisdom will say that plastic ukuleles are cheap and low quality substitutes for "the real thing." Well, it's time to eliminate conventional wisdom. This ukulele is made from plastic and its sound quality will leave you with your mouth open. Its durability will make it Keith Richards' favorite instrument after Armageddon arrives. These ukuleles are perfect for rainy festivals, tight closets, temperamental teenagers and ukulele teachers who work with young children

Quick look

  • Let your music fly.
  • The nutcracker's choice.
  • Let's play
  • The perfect quality tone.
  • It all starts with the head.
Let your music fly.

Thanks to its arched ABS plastic back, this baby has more volume in the midrange than your soprano ukulele, while it also resonates better and sounds brighter. It is not necessary to mention the durability and resistance to moisture changes, the main enemies of the wooden ukulele.

The nutcracker's choice.

Walnut is a fascinating heartwood, preferred by the lauderos both for its malleability and for its beauty. The walnut is more rigid and dense than mahogany, so its tone is brighter, as bright as the Koa. However, open grains allow a more present midrange that divides the difference between rosewood and mahogany. And to top it off, it looks great. The beautiful grain, combined with our hand-drawn Salamander design is already winning many fans around the world.

Let's play

Arm and fingerboard made of ABS plastic.
The arm and fingerboard of the TUS50 are made from ABS plastic. It is a perfect solution for beginner ukuleles, since it is not prone to climatic changes. You will never get a sharp fret or a bent arm on any of the Travel series ukuleles. The surface of the arm imitates the pattern of the wood, to avoid the feeling of cheap plastic.

The perfect quality tone.

Zero fret and ABS mount.
The scepter fret with a unique bridge construction, keeps the action of the string low and intonation at its point. As the plastic will never move, you will never have to worry about any special work on the saddle and brow.

It all starts with the head.

A great view and very easy to tune.
The design of the head is an integral part of our identity. The TUS50 head sheet is made of wood to match the lid. All Flight ukuleles feature a carefully designed head design with geared tuners that will always remain tuned.

Finish MATTE
Includes Hard Case / Soft case SI
Machinery CHROME
Includes Adjustment Keys And Cable DO NOT
Instrument UKELELE