Ukulele Flight TUS35 Red



$ 1,270.00

A PERFECT Ukulele to start.

The Travel series is a truly unique range of ukuleles. They are made almost entirely of ABS plastic, but with a wooden lid. The TUS35 has a linden plywood top with a clean satin finish.

The arched back, the plastic body allows excellent sound projection, but also fantastic durability. There is no union between the body and the neck, which is also plastic and, therefore, will not bend. This ukulele is perfect for beginners, for players who need a portable uke but also for players looking for something a little different.

  • Body Shape - Soprano (12 Frets)
  • Above - Linden
  • Back and sides - ABS
  • Bridge - ABS
  • Neck - ABS
  • Fingerboard - ABS
  • Nut and saddle - ABS