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Get ready to be impressed with KA-CG Kala Concert. Great sound, from the Kala mahogany series with a glossy finish with an impressive appearance and the tone that makes it even. A look at the beautiful top of the mahogany KA-CG, the back and the sides, and you will see that this is a special Uke. The lush and warm sound it produces is another proof of Kala's quality workmanship. Equipped with a set of ultra-stable cast iron tuners and Aquila Nylgut strings, there is no doubt that this Kala KA-CG ukulele was made to be enjoyed. Features: Mahogany upper, back and sides with glossy finish that provide an attractive design and a warm and soft sound.
Comfortable neck of 14,875 concert scale. Chromed die-cast tuners that keep your sound. Aquila Nylgut (Italian) strings that provide an exceptional tone throughout your life, great looks, fantastic sound, excellent atmosphere - Kala's Ukulele concert KA-CG