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Game of 3 Petanque balls Junior model Obut brand, the best Petanque brand in the world.

Ideal for soft launches of small weight and small diameter perfect for people looking to get started in this world 

This model is engraved with 2 classic Obut designs that will allow you to differentiate your shots from other competitors.

- 100% stainless steel balls.
- Satin finish in black stainless steel. Recreational steel balls generally have a single standard diameter and a weight that allows them to attach to the hands and forces of all ages and sexes.
-They are not suitable for professional competition,

Recreational OBUT stainless steel balls conform to the NF S 52-200 standard. The NF S 52-200 ensures users a traditional product of goods defined by four essential quality and safety criteria:
● Nature of material: 100% steel (stainless steel)
● hollow ball with no foreign body inside
● The regularity of weight between the balls of the same set
● sphericity and balancing


• Only requires occasional maintenance.

• In the manufacturing industry, the impact on the environment is minimized with the removal of the chemical protection surface (chromium plating). It is a patented Obut® technology.

• Aimed at sports-relax with family or friends to an occassionnelle bowling alley, the Obut Recreation steel balls generally have a single standard diameter and a weight that allows them to agree on the hands and forces of all ages and sexes.

• Game comes with a cleaning cloth and an OBUT carved wood box object, in a cardboard box so you can later choose your bag.

• These balls are not allowed in the competition.

• Due to the specific composition of the steel used in its manufacture, OBUT hobby steel balls can be bred with a magnet.

• 100% of the balls marketed by OBUT are designed and manufactured in St. Bonnet-le-Château, France, in a sustainable développpement, eco-design and environmental protection.


According to its intensive use or not, the nature of the courses played, humidity, etc ... to prevent oxidation, stainless steel balls Chevron Sun Recreation require maintenance after each game and at least 1 times months if not use  


Although the storage is carried out in good conditions, the maintenance requires the use of a specific product: the product developed by OBUT meets this requirement. Applied once a month is used to deposit a protective film on the balls and perfectly preserves the integrity of the alloy, as well as keeping the balls of a perfect shine. And because maintaining your bowling balls should not be a chore, the OBUT maintenance product is easy to use (spray) and ready to go. It is also formulated to respect the environment and of course the user.   

Little tip: Do not let your balls in the trunk of your car, which is exposed to sudden temperature changes that cause condensation. These conditions of high humidity, in the long run harmful to the balls that favors their oxidation. So remember to take the balls out of your trunk to store indoors and dry.