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The Moon Tribe has just grown!
For centuries, drawers have played a key supporting role in the history of music.
Luna Drawers are designed to enhance all aspects of performance, from visual aesthetics to functionality and comfort. Adding a more exclusive touch, Luna takes the Cajon one step further by applying Luna Tattoo's exclusive design to the front, which sits comfortably in ash wood. Crafted from a blend of strong woods, the Cajon de Luna produces deep, punchy bass tones in the ash wood front piece, while the body is supported by birch and eucalyptus woods, ensuring a sturdy structure. With a built-in Snare, drummers can control the sound of music with the easy-access quick switch of a lever for on / off control. The drawers are available in 2 colors; Black, teal. Each comes with a gig bag and soft foam pad for added comfort when sitting in the Cajon.
  • IDLPC TEAL Article
  • Model name Luna Cajon Teal with Bag
  • Design feature Tattoo design
  • Body material Birch and eucalyptus
  • Ash upper material with Luna Tattoo design
  • Year2017
  • Satin Teal Finish