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The Kala soprano 6 "Banjo Ukulele has an incredible sound! You will have no problem to be heard with the Kala Ukulele Soprano Banjo. It is a soprano-sized ukulele that is designed as a banjo, with a Banjo Weatherking rowing head. The sound is bright and Gil with a lot of projection, just what you need to be heard in a dense mix of instruments. The Banjo Ukelele allows you to play as you will with any ukulele, with a unique design that makes you overcome. If you play your ukulele with other musicians and You are struggling to be heard, you need the Kala Ukulele Soprano Banjo!
A look at its Features:

  • Ukulele-Soprano with the sound characteristics of a Banjo. Rowing Head Weatherking banjo that provides the complement and projection of a Banjo.
  • The open return design improves the sound of vintage vaudeville. Bright sound ideal to be heard with large group of instruments. Easy for anyone who plays Ukulele. It comes with its super padded case. The best guaranteed quality of Kala Brand. Product dimensions: 22,4 x 22,8 x 8,7 inches.