Ukulele Banjo Kala Concert Black


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A Concert Ukulele with the power of a Banjo. You can hear the power of its sound that is loud and clear in almost any ensemble. The Kala Banjo Concert Ukulele is designed to give you the enhanced snap and the projection of a banjo, with the feel and tuning of a standard ukulele. The Banjo Remo Weatherking head, with a semi-open design that improves the tone of vintage style. It is not a Banjo in s; It is a ukulele with the sound enhancement properties of a banjo. With a powerful and beautiful sound. A look at its properties: Ukulele-Concert size with sounds of a BanjoCabeza Remo Weatherking that provides the complement and projection of a banjo. The open return design that enhances the vintage vaudeville sound.
Easy instruments Bright sound ideal for listening to a large group of instruments. Easy for anyone who plays ukulele. Surely you will be heard with the Banjo Concert Kala Ukulele! Technical specifications:

  • Concert Size
  • Scale Length 14.75 "Banjo head Cover material Remo Weatherking
  • Satin finish
  • Deluxe TV tuners oriented