Ukulele U-Bass Without Frets


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The Ukulele Ubass is truly amazing. If we could sum it up: A Bass the size of a Ukulele. It is electro-acoustic, with patented strings you will see that it has an incredible sound, nobody can believe that it is a Ukulele. The Rumbler design integrates a specially designed Kala electronic system with a piezo pickup and is equipped with an active equalizer with built-in tuner. The U-BASS strings designed and manufactured exclusively for Kala. It is truly a revolutionary Bass with the same common Bass fields and is tuned into the traditional bass setting, EADG. 
It comes with its cushioned cover and is truly economical for its quality and design. FRETTED MODEL WITHOUT DISORDERS (ONLY THEY COME MARKED) 
  • 4 Polyurethane Strings Polyurethane Finish
  • Exotic Mahogany wood top. 
  • Hoops and Exotic Mahogany wood background 
  • Rosewood Fingerboard Material 
  • Number of 16 frets 
  • 20 Length "Rosewood Bridge Material