Which Ukulele to Choose


Hello! In Ukulelería we have many models, for boys, large, different sizes, materials etc. That's why we want to guide you so you can choose the one for you and answer any questions you have about choosing your Ukulele.

There are 4 sizes or common sizes of Ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone.

As for tuning, the Sopranos, Concert Tenors and generally used the same: fourth to first, do me the sun; the baritone is tuned a lower fourth: D G si E, exactly like the first four strings of the guitar.

Sizes are characterized by their scale - that is, the length of the rope - and the size of the body, which provides the sound quality.

When deciding on a ukulele size, you should keep in mind:

  • The size of your hands;
  • What bell do you prefer;
  • Your previous experience;
  • Your intention to transport (or not) the instrument wherever you go.
From left to right: soprano ukulele, concert ukulele and tenor ukulele.

Ukulele types 

  • EL SOPRANO called standard, it is the original size of the ukulele and the smallest of the family. It has a scale –length of the vibrating string– between 345 and 350 mm. The length of the instrument is about 530 mm. Among the sopranos is a model that has neck Concert! Long neck has more frets; it is called Sorano Long Neck.


  • EL CONCERT It is somewhat larger and has a deeper tone than that of the soprano. Its scale is around 380 mm and its length is 620 mm. (When we talk about ukuleles, concert Indicates the size and not the quality, a concert uke is neither better nor worse than one of any other type.)


  • EL TENOR It continues in size to the concert, brings more volume and has a richer timbre. It is - in our opinion - the most suitable instrument for use with fourth bass string. Its scale is approximately 430 mm and the total length of approximately 670 mm.


  • EL BARITONE even bigger, it is tuned like the first four strings of the guitar and, of course, provides a more serious tone. It has a scale of 510 mm and a length of 740 mm.

So we have –from smallest to largest size–: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. There are also other curious combinations (longneck, super concert, sopranino ...) but let's not get too complicated talking about them.

Approximate dimensions of each type of ukulele (in mm)
  Soprano Concert Tenor Baritone
Scale 350 380 430 510
Fingerboard Width: Cejuela 35 35 35 38
12 fret 43 43 43 46
Total length 530 620 670 740
Body length 240 280 300 350
Hoops Width: Superior 125 150 170 190
Lower 170 195 230 260
Box depth De 60 58 65 65
To 60 70 80 80

how to choose ukulele

What size to choose?

Now, which one to choose? The "adequate" scale is the one that best fits the interpreter's hands. In general:

  • Any adult will feel more comfortable with a concert or a tenor (forget the soprano if you have chubby fingers);
  • If you have never played a string instrument, we recommend you start with a concert uke: it will be easier for you to hold than a soprano and the greater tension of the strings will help you sound tuned;
  • If you have experience with the guitar, don't be afraid of the soprano for being small.