How to tune a ukulele for the first time?

Learn to tune your ukulele

Welcome ukulelist! Now you are part of one of the largest communities in Mexico, with people who share the same passion for music and love for ukuleles.

Now you will learn to play in tune, but the first step before you start playing your ukulele is to know it well.

You can tune with an APP or a digital tuner.


Now that you know these parts of your ukulele, let's use some of them for these tuning steps.


Always tune your ukulele before playing it!

Step 1: . Stretch the strings of the ukulele a bit.
Put your hand on the bridge and lightly pull the strings, separating them a little from the ukulele.

Step 2. Identify each string, to know in which note each one should go.
This is the most common tuning for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles.

String 1. A (A)
String 2. E (Mi)
String 3. C (C)
String 4. G (G)

* String 1 is the one closest to the ground when you pick up your ukulele to play.

Step 3: . Start to tune, with your right hand pull the string (it can be with your thumb) and with your left hand to tight o loosen tuner (peg), as requested by your tuner.

The name of the string you are playing will appear on the screen of your tuner / cell phone.

Step 4: . Chen the needle is in the middle and the letter turns GREEN, the string is in tune.

You are ready to start playing!
We wish you good grades.