Is the page updated?

Yes, we update our daily page and several times a day if necessary.

Do you have an item available in a physical store if it appears as SOLD in the online catalog?

No, the online catalog is updated with stocks in our physical store, so if something appears sold out online we also have it sold out in a physical store.

If they have something sold out, can I order it on request?

We can consider what you want in our next order to the brand to bring it when it arrives, but we are subject to the demand that these products have, as well as the availability of the brand itself.

How can I know that the article I want has arrived? Can you call me on the phone?

For the response of the people and if the product is in high demand it is sometimes a bit complicated to call each of the people who want the same product, the simplest is to enter an email account that you frequently frequent so that to that address You can receive an email notification of available product.

When a product is out of stock you will see a legend below the colors section or below the price that specifies: NOTIFY WHEN THE PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE, below this you can see a box where you must enter your email and click on SEND, with this you are guaranteeing an immediate and automatic warning; As soon as we give the article on the page you will receive a notification that it is already available and you can buy it at that time. This is essential for us as well, since this way we can know which product has more demand and therefore it is what will be ordered first for the next order.



How are the shipments?

We ship through Post office y FedEx to any part of the republic, we handle a delivery time:

  • 3 to 8 business days depending on the distance and area, with a cost of $ 150 per package sent 

The 3 to 8 days start counting from the moment we pack and ship by parcel, if your order did before the 12 of the day, it leaves that same day, otherwise it leaves the next business day.

For 24-hour shipments, you must verify that your postal code is within the area of ​​urgent shipments, since there are areas of the country that are difficult to access even being within the radius of the express delivery limit

In HIGH SEASON such as Easter, holidays or vacations, the parcels are saturated by high demand so the delivery guarantee can be extended.

Likewise, in the states of Baja California, the delivery time is extended from one to two days.

How can I know what my tracking number is?

Normally the tracking number arrives at the email you left when generating your order along with the notification that your package is on its way.

In case it has been more than one day and you have not received said email you can contact us at

When trying to track my package the parcel page tells me that there is no information for that number, why?

To be more efficient with our shipments we pack the orders as soon as we receive the notification that the payment has been approved and we use prepaid guides of the parcels, that is why there may be cases, for example on weekends, in which the Package is packed and ready to be collected by the parcel but the information with the parcel has not yet been updated.

Another case may be when the parcel has already collected the package but its truck is still in the collection route. The information on the packages is not reflected until the truck arrives at the distribution center of the parcel. 

I placed an order but it has not arrived, why?

The first thing you should do is confirm well if the delivery guarantee business days have passed, remember that One business day is only counted from Monday to Friday and you always start counting the day after the package left the store, that is, if your package left the store on a Monday, Tuesday will count as the first business day, if you left the store on a Friday on Monday It will count as the first business day.

If you are sure that the 5 days have passed and the second thing you have to do is check in o with your guide number (which automatically arrives to your mail after your things are packed) the status of your package, in this section you can know through a RECORD where you are, where you are going and the estimated delivery date; Sometimes the information reflected is incomplete or a past delivery date appears, this can happen because your system is not updated or because there is a delay in the shipment, in any case you must contact the parcel to present the clarification, the advisors They will be able to inform you in more detail about the status of your package.

 The parcel service is carried out through an external company, there are cases in which the transit of the parcel is saturated or the delivery area is unsafe and the packages take a little longer, for which we are not responsible.

Likewise, we are not responsible for packages that arrive late for incomplete data at the shipping address. 

Do they make international shipments?

Yes! MWe attach international shipments through FEDEX parcels, these have an approximate cost of $ 990 Mexican pesos and the delivery is from 7 to 15 business days, if you want to know how much our costs are equivalent in your currency you can use any CURRENCY CONVERSOR you find in Google.

Some countries charge customs taxes, so we recommend that you check if you live in one of these countries before placing your order.


What are the payment options?

You can make the payment via PayPal or by cash deposit with the option called “Buy Payment”, with that option you are generated a unique card number linked to your order to which to make the deposit in any branch that you choose from a list. 

If you need to make the payment by transfer, contact us and we will help you with the information so that you can do it.

Do you accept months without interest or any other deferred payment promotion? 

All payments in the store are cash, we do not handle any type of monthly payment promotion, however if you make the payment of your order through PayPal they come to offer a payment plan option, but that is directly with PayPal 

How long does it take to spend my payment?

If you did it through PayPal it takes around 5-15 minutes, if it was generated through the Buy Payment server it can take from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

In case this deadline has been met and you have not yet received a payment confirmation like the following to your email:

It is important that you send an email to with a photo of your payment ticket and the payment sheet that appears at the top left in your payment order when generating it.

Are the prices of the online store the same as the physical store?

Yes, the prices we handle in the two stores are the same.

Do prices already include VAT?


How can I generate the invoice of an order that I placed?

What you should do is send us your complete tax information to the mail along with your order number and we can generate your invoice without problem.

If the invoice is from a purchase you made in a physical store, you must include your ticket number so that we can invoice it.

What is the payment method if I am in a country other than Mexico?

At the moment the only internationally accepted payment method is with PAYPAL