The Petanque Game Rules

This game is played one on one, either in 2 teams of two or 3 players.

      <br>• Hand in hand: 1 against 1 with 3 balls each
            <br>• Doubles: 2 against 2 with 3 balls each
            <br>• Triplets: 3 against 3 with 2 balls each

On the ground there should be no more than 12 balls.Les règles du jeu de pétanque

This game is played with 100% steel balls, a hard wood ball, called “But o Meta ", and the balls are played from a circle of 50 cm in diameter, placed or traced on the ground.

 You draw first to know which team starts playing. A player of the selected team chooses the starting point and is placed inside the circle. When playing, the player's feet must not leave the circle before the ball has touched the ground.

 This player then launches the "But" at a distance that must be between 6 and 10 meters.
The "But"  It should not be less than one meter from any obstacle (wall, tree ...)

Les règles du jeu de pétanque

 Then the player throws his first ball, trying to place it as close as possible to the “bowling".

 A second team player enters the circle and tries to get his own ball closer to the “bowling" that the ball of his adversary or tries to move the ball away from the adversary by hitting it. The ball that is closest to the bowling alley is winning.

If he succeeds, it is now his turn to play a player of the first team. If he does not succeed, the players of his own team play their balls until they win or until they no longer have balls to play.Les règles du jeu de pétanque
 When one of the teams no longer has balls in their hands to play, the players of the other team play the remaining ones, trying to place them as close as possible.

 When the two teams no longer have balls, the points are counted. A team scores as many points as balls it has closer to the "bowling alley" than the opponent. It is the end of this "return."
Les règles du jeu de pétanque

 One of the players of the winning team then throws the "bowling alley" from the point it is in and the game continues until one of the teams has reached 13 points.


In the game of Petanque there are different types of player styles,
I would basically say that they are divided into 3

The pointer or scorer
This player is the one who has the grace to throw the ball and always leave it as close as possible to the but or goal, it is quite impressive to see a pointer play because it is common for him to leave his ball just by making contact with the but. But beware this does not mean that you always win, an aggressive player can easily hit and move the game again.

The aggressive

A player with this style specializes in moving the balls that seem to be well-placed and close to the But, the perfect shot of an aggressive is when he hits the opponent's ball and his sphere automatically takes its place.

The middle
Neither fu nor fa. But have a good time (:

It is very important to know the skills of each of your playmates both when you are in a double or triple game or if you are playing one on one.

By knowing what the greatest skill is when playing and throwing the petanque of both your teammates and opponents, you can define your strategy to play.


With good aim, you can completely change the course of a game as shown in the following image:

The Blue Balls player had 2 points in his favor if the game had already been finished, the Red ball player throws and is closer than all the other petanque balls which gives him the point in that play. (It is understood that the other red one was farther than the goal)

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The purpose of the game is to place the balls closer to the "bowling alley" than the opponent's balls.
The first team to reach 13 points after several laps has won the game.



How to play Petanque.

Either one against one (mode in which each player uses 3 balls)

Or in Teams, 2 people against other 2 people (where each player uses 2 balls)

The way to shoot the goal is as follows:

The first participant to shoot is chosen by throwing the goal between 9 and 12 steps away, then each one throws his balls, the shooter who puts his ball as close to the goal that starts shooting.

The first round is thrown, in that order, after everyone makes their first shot, the next to shoot will be the team or the person who does not have the point.

The point always has the team or the person who has his ball closer to the goal. At the moment when the point is taken by another team then the opposing team will try to improve it.

So on until the balls of both teams are finished, in the end the person who has the point if no one improves it will have the opportunity to score more points.

Normally you play 11 points, when you finish throwing your balls, the next ball is counted from the point, the next balls that were closer.

If it was only 1 a point is scored, if the nearest 2 balls are from the same person or same team then it will mark 2 points in that game, so on.

Playing Petanque as a family is very fun and healthy, it can be played on virtually any surface. Ideally, the balls have different designs in order to recognize which team they belong to.

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