The History of Coyotas Bojorquez

First of all, what is a Coyota?

 Coyota is a traditional Sonoran dessert. It consists of two sweet flour tortillas joined by piloncillo filling. Its main ingredients are wheat flour, widely used in the region, butter and brown sugar.

 Where do Coyotas come from?

It is said that its origin is in the Villa de Seris Region, a town near Hermosillo and that today it is part of this city. However, there is no single recipe as each family was adding their own touch which makes a variety and styles of Coyotas.

 Coyotas in Guadalajara

It is the Bojórquez family who, with their own recipe, popularizes Coyotas in Guadalajara, when in 1966 Mrs. Lupita and Don Ramón, from Hermosillo, begin to produce and sell these delicacies.


Initially the sales of the Coyotas of the Bojórquez family are made through the well-known restaurant “Delicias de Sonoras”, of their property. Later, in response to the great demand for which they called themselves "The best Sonoran Coyotas of Guadalajara", they begin to be distributed in different establishments in the city and the country.


To this day, the Bojórquez Family recipe remains a secret and is only reproduced upon hearing of the descendants of Lupita and Ramón, who continue to preserve the excellent quality and artisanal manufacturing.


True to its Sonoran style and customs, Coyota is delicious accompanied by a rich coffee and a good talk. It is suggested to heat in comal or oven and enjoy it as if it was fresh from the oven.


Try it by adding cheese of your choice and you will discover a new and exquisite way to eat Coyotas Bojórquez.