About us

Who we are Ukuleleria Ceci and Gus Ceci Rosas Rule Gustavo Rodriguez Bojoruqez
The Ukuleleria is the result of a good day when the ukulele came to us,
We played it and we loved it!.
 We had so much fun playing and we realized that it is an instrument that gives us happiness, We fell in love so much that we decided to share it by buying many more to create a store just for you.
All this Ceci and Gus started, a couple that likes to do and dedicate themselves to things that make us happy.

Ukuleleria Family
And with so many ukuleles we couldn't stay in the store because instead of selling them we were going to want to keep them everyone, so we had to call people like us who had the same passion but didn't take them home.
And so the team grew!
All of them passionate about the ukulele and who so far have done a great job in the store, helping you to solve your doubts and creating content of great value for you.
We are dedicated to getting you the information you need in the best possible way so that we hope we become, not just a ukulele store but your favorite store! 
Ukulelería is us and is our way of lifeSo is the great team that makes it up and everyone who shares the same passion for the ukulele and its world.
 Basically playing and having fun.
We have 6 years of internet sales experience and almost 15 years of experience promoting juggling and for outdoors ( and our new goal is to promote hobbies and passion for music, share quality moments and develop positive emotions. 
We consider ourselves ukulele evangelists, we want to everyone Know it and anyone can have access to it, and that like us fell in love at first sight and I wanted to learn.
We began by opening the physical store and later the online store, thanks to that we continued looking for a way to make the information more accessible and reach you by any means so that if you are a beginner, or you could not solve your doubts through our blogs, articles and videos on youtube.
 We hope to continue improving every day so that at Ukulelería you find a second home to play with us. We wait for you at physical store in CDMX and GDL 
Happy Songs!