Ukuleleria warranty

The best reason to have a ukulele of UKULELERIA.COM 

We want you to have the best experience when starting this new adventure in music and with your ukulele.

Our brand and team have the same goal: PPromote hobbies and passion for music, share quality moments and develop positive emotions. 

and for this same reason you can find many benefits by joining the UKULELERIA COMMUNITY. 

Surely before buying your ukulele, you have already checked stores, pages, blogs, etc etc, but we want you to know everything that a ukulele from these special stores adds "Ukuleleria" and why we have called it UKULELERIA GUARANTEE


a) We choose and test the best ukulele brands to make sure you have the best instrument in your hands. 

b) We like to create unique experiences, when visiting an online store or physical stores you will have the advice of an expert and human team that will give you the best advice, not only for purchasing, but for future experiences of use. 

c) We are ukulelists, but we also listen to you to know what you need and the ways you like to learn, we create content to educate you.
We teach you to play, to take care of your ukulele, to share with other ukulelists and we tell stories to nurture you from this whole world.

d) The quality is high, but in many ukuleles they can have their defects, if this happens and you have a ukulele that after weeks or months, some of its parts "sick" you can approach us and we solve it, we review your ukulele and if it is necessary WE GIVE YOU A NEW ONE.

- If you tried it at home, and you feel that you do not click in terms of sound or size, we apply the same exchange guarantee. 

- If you bought in (online store) and your package arrived in bad condition, or you received a ukulele that was not the one you expected, we are going to sit down and talk to know you even more and get to that special ukulele and make the change. 

e) With the time and practice that you have and dedicate, we want you to come back and share other experiences with us:
- Take workshops.
- Record a session
- share a song or tutorial
- even accompanying us to the mountain in ALDEA UKE!

All this because we know that the passion of the ukulele is not just buying one, but all the adventure and happiness that awaits you, and that is where we want to accompany you.