Is the page updated?

Yes, we update our daily page and several times a day if necessary.

Do you have an item available in a physical store if it appears as SOLD in the online catalog?

No, the online catalog is updated with stocks in our physical store, so if something appears sold out online we also have it sold out in a physical store.

If they have something sold out, can I order it on request?

The products we handle are, for the most part, imported from other countries, so it is very difficult, expensive and time consuming to bring individual products of the brands, we can consider what you want in our next order to the brand to bring it when it returns to us arrive, but we are subject to the demand that these products have, as well as the availability of the brand itself.

How can I know that the article I want has arrived? Can you call me on the phone?

For the response of the people and if the product is in high demand it is sometimes a bit complicated to call each of the people who want the same product, the simplest is to enter an email account that you frequently frequent so that to that address You can receive an email notification of available product.

When a product is sold out you can see below the color section (in case of juggling page) or below the price (in case of our ukuleles page) a legend that specifies: NOTIFY WHEN THE PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE, below this you can see a box where you must enter your email and click on SEND, with this you are guaranteeing an immediate and automatic warning; As soon as we give the article on the page you will receive a notification that it is already available and you can buy it at that time. This is essential for us as well, since this way we can know which product has more demand and therefore it is what will be ordered first for the next order.