Ukulele classes at La Ukuleleria

Learn to play Ukulele with a Professional Teacher, we invite you to play Ukulele even if you don't have one! we include the ukulele loan in the cost of the class.

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The classes are designed for all levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced.


- You will see the basic concepts to start playing from scratch, from the ukulele parts, instrument tuning, first chords and strumming, as well as simple songs that promote all the concepts seen in class and above all amuse the student.

- Themes / songs will be taught as an ensemble so that the students experience what it is to play with other people, since this is fundamental for the advancement and progress of any musician regardless of the instrument.


- Topics of greater complexity will be seen, such as arpeggios, different rhythms and musical genres such as Blues, Reggae, Pop, etc. They will be learned and reviewed


individual songs and as an ensemble with a higher degree of complexity where everything seen in class can be applied.


 Chord House in Ukuleleria

We have an excellent space to learn and one of the best teachers, Iván de Chord House who has hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube and a channel with more than 300,000 Subscribers will explain to you in person how you can get the most out of your Ukulele.



Ivan Gonzalez

Ivan has more than 6 years of experience in music education, his ChordHouse channel is one of the most important Spanish-speaking in this field, has more than 300 thousand subscribers and his educational videos have impacted more than 40 million people worldwide.

Since 2014 Iván began teaching Ukulele through the internet, and to date his courses and videos of this instrument have helped more than 2 million people.

Thanks to this, the UKULELERIA store and Ivan began to work together since 2016, resulting in great growth for both and new projects ahead.


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