We are Gustavo and Ceci, that we like to share positive things that we like, really that's why our stores were born, It was the first, which opened up to 12 branches throughout the country selling and sharing healthy hobbies such as juggling, frisbees, kites, yoyos, skateboards, hulas and other games without violence and that do not use batteries, that era and remains the philosophy of which also opened a YouTube channel that is to date the most important in the world of jugglers in Spanish with tutorials to learn online. We grew a lot and we specialized a lot in e-commerce or online sales since we would better reach our customers throughout the country. We grew up with a lot of work and sharing on social networks so much that YouTube invited us several times to talks and important channels in Mexico.


And about 5 years ago, we are curious to learn to play the Ukulele when going  To a surf shop and see them there, we just really wanted it and we bought them ... and we loved it! We learned alone, watching tutorials and fell in love with this hobby that  we really wanted to share, and that's how the, with the intention of bringing the best brands and best models and we love it! In addition to putting together the YouTube channel  to make tutorials and share as much as possible about the Ukulele. 


Having fallen in love with the Ukuleles we can also share the drum, since it is an ancient instrument that we believe everyone should learn to play or have one. 


So we arm ourselves with a great team! Since each of us is good at different things that make our 3 stores something truly human and with a sense of sharing for the benefits it offers if… Thank you for being part of us!