What are the payment options?

You can make the payment via PayPal or by cash deposit with the option called “Buy Payment”, with that option you are generated a unique card number linked to your order to which to make the deposit in any branch that you choose from a list. 

If you need to make the payment by transfer, contact us and we will help you with the information so that you can do it.

Do you accept months without interest or any other deferred payment promotion? 

All payments in the store are cash, we do not handle any type of monthly payment promotion, however if you make the payment of your order through PayPal they come to offer a payment plan option, but that is directly with PayPal 

How long does it take to spend my payment?

If you did it through PayPal it takes around 5-15 minutes, if it was generated through the Buy Payment server it can take from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

In case this deadline has been met and you have not yet received a payment confirmation like the following to your email:

It is important that you send an email to with a photo of your payment ticket and the payment sheet that appears at the top left in your payment order when generating it.

Are the prices of the online store the same as the physical store?

Yes, the prices we handle in the two stores are the same.

Do prices already include VAT?


How can I generate the invoice of an order that I placed?

What you should do is send us your complete tax information to the mail along with your order number and we can generate your invoice without problem.

If the invoice is from a purchase you made in a physical store, you must include your ticket number so that we can invoice it.

What is the payment method if I am in a country other than Mexico?

At the moment the only internationally accepted payment method is with PAYPAL