Ukulelist by quarantine

by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

Ukulelista by the quarantine.

Since I can remember I have had a great passion for music: I admire those people who with their hands and their hearts can create magical sounds, capable of staying in the memory of people.

Unfortunately I did not have that talent for music, so I limited myself for a long time to admire it, to enjoy it trying to forget the fact that I really tried to learn to play an instrument to accompany my voice and thereby express myself. And boy did I try it: from the basic tambourine in the church, where they took me out because I couldn't keep up; the recorder in secondary school, the guitar in university ...

... And finally I gave up, "music is the talent that God did not give me," he said pessimistically. Until now, where I am a mother of two children, a wife, and a high school teacher.

One fine day at work I heard several students with guitars playing a song by the Green Enanitos and I thought: How good they sound. I approached them and congratulated them, and while there I noticed a very particular one among their instruments.

- "And that little guitar?" I told them

- "It's a ukulele, teacher, why don't you try it?"

At first I refused, after all "music is the gift that God did not give me." I dropped out of my classes and forgot about it. In mid-March they informed us of the COVID-19 pandemic and that they would send us a month of quarantine; "Wow, a month, I need to do something during that time." It didn't take me long to decide, I consulted an internet sales page and decided to look for a ukulele, something simple and inexpensive "in case I can't play it, the expense doesn't hurt so much," I thought.

When I had it in my hands, I didn't know what to do: I knew it had to be tuned, but I had no idea how to do it. So I looked for my students, and they delightedly showed me how to refine it. And the quarantine began: Without much faith I did what I did in my college days trying to learn guitar, go to YouTube and watch ukulele tutorials.

Two days later: I recorded the song Let it Be by The Beatles with my cell phone. I was surprised, very excited that I had managed to play something, simple, but I had done it without teachers, only with my computer and with a ukulele. That's right, the person whose God-denied talent was being revealed. Even with my teaching work at home, my children, my housework, I took some time out of my day and practiced. That is how after two weeks I had mastered the major chords and a part of the minor chords, my fingers stopped hurting when I stepped on the strings and my strumming finally sounded beautiful. By then, I made my next purchase: a fender soprano ukulele.

As of today I have four ukuleles. I love the sound, the joy it radiates, it immediately brightens my day and reminds me at every moment that nothing is impossible, even for a person without musical talent, like me. There is a simple instrument, which with its small body and its four strings was able to change my world.

Adriana Gonzalez M

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