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by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

Why is the ukulele the easiest instrument to play?

By: Ana Karen Castañeda Lara

This beautiful instrument has only four nylon strings, which makes it a very soft instrument for the fingers, you will not need much strength or flexibility in them to start playing your first chords. Speaking of chords, one of the advantages of the ukulele is that with just four chords you can already play a gigantic number of songs in any genre you want. These chords that I am talking about are C, Am, F and G (C, La m, F and G) and they are very easy to play, maybe if you are a beginner the G chord may cost you a bit of work but with practice, I know you will perfect it quickly.

Many people may become concerned about how to learn since they do not have time or money to invest in classes, if that is your case or you simply want to learn on your own, you are lucky on your side. There are currently many excellent YouTube channels that have thousands of tutorials to learn from chords and strums to full songs.

On the ukulele almost all songs sound incredible, its sweet sound brings a very peculiar vibe to the songs and gives them a touch of happiness, although you can also play songs of any kind. In one day you could be playing your first song since it is enough to practice 15 minutes a day to get better and better.

One of my favorite things about the ukulele is its size, and I think it is also one of the reasons why this instrument is the easiest to play. Its body is small, light and easy to grip which makes it the perfect instrument to start with. There are four different sizes of ukuleles and each one will suit you depending on the sound you are looking for. These sizes are: soprano, which is the typical bright Hawaiian sound, then the concert follows, it is slightly larger than the soprano and has more frets, its sound is slightly lower than the soprano and is the most recommended to start . Then there is the tenor, which is even bigger, lower and with more frets than the concert and finally there is the baritone, this has a sound more similar to that of the guitar since it is tuned like the last four strings of this.

The baritone ukulele is the only one that is different in terms of the standard tuning so the position of the chords is different but that does not mean that it is more complicated to play, it is also still smaller than a guitar.
Its size makes it very easy to transport, so you can take it anywhere you want and practice or play with your friends. And if what you are worried about is that it will be damaged, there are currently ukuleles made of various materials, such as solid wood, laminated wood, plastic and carbon fiber, and some even combine these materials. Those recommended for traveling are those made of plastic or carbon fiber since they can get wet and you should not worry about the wood being damaged by the temperature.

In addition to everything that I have already told you, another advantage of uku is that there is a wide variety of ukuleles on the market, from slightly more classic models to beautifully colored ukuleles with super creative designs, and there are even some that look like brought from space and others in the form of fruits. I know that the perfect ukulele for you is somewhere.

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