Play the ukulele with one finger.

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

Why is the ukulele the easiest instrument to play?

By S. Eduardo C. Itza

Aloha friends of the ukuleleria, I am Eduardo and in these afternoons of solitude and quarantine I have started to think; What is the easiest instrument to play?

And well after so much thinking I came to the following conclusion, which is the ukulele. Yes, that's right, our dear little four-string friend.

The reasons I leave them here:

The first reason why I think that the ukulele is the easiest to play is that the chords are super simple, there are chords that are played using a C and Am finger are some examples, but there are more, you don't worry about that. .

The other day my sister told me that she wanted to learn to play the ukulele, I took about 15 minutes to teach her the first 6 chords (C, Cmaj7, C7, F and G). And speaking of chords let's move on to the next point


The second reason I want to mention to you is that the chords most used in music are the most comfortable in our little friend and this is great because you can learn your first songs in a few minutes and with only 4 chords (Am, F, G , C). And to touch them we only need 3 fingers for a lot.

What if you like rock? What if you like pop? What if you like the band? Reggaeton? trust me you will find a lot of songs (with these chords) to play that are super easy and fun.

Nowadays, learning Ukulele is very simple, there is a lot of information about this instrument on the internet, and this is my third reason. What do you want to learn? Songs? Exercises? Scales? Harmonic progressions ?; what you imagine in a few clicks and all focused on our little friends. And if you have a question, ask our friends from the ukuleleria, they will surely help you.

And the last reason I will talk about the advantages of its size. Speaking from my experience, soprano, concert and tenor ukes are super easy to transport and you can take them everywhere. I would take it to college and practice or sing with friends, and from time to time I managed to start a conversation (about the ukulele). Another important point is that having a variety of sizes you can find the one that best suits you, this is very important when you start playing because it makes things much easier for you. If you want to try the different sizes and see which one suits you best, do not hesitate to visit the ukuleleria and try them all.

These are just some of the points I chose, but in my opinion I could write many more. I invite you to take the time to learn to play ukulele, it is easy and fun.

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