reasons why the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

Why is the Ukulele the easiest instrument to learn?

Hello friends, on this occasion I would like to mention some of the reasons why I personally consider the Ukulele to be the easiest instrument to learn, although this does not mean that it is an instrument without a “great joke”, since although it is easy to learn , there are many styles, techniques, strumming and rhythms that we can get to interpret on this beautiful instrument.

To start I would like to mention that the harmonies provided by the different tonal ranges, according to the size of the instrument, in my particular case seem very pleasant. In the case of the soprano Ukulele, it seems to me that it is a very sweet and happy range, which inspires us with tranquility, happiness and endless positive emotions that drive you to continue playing this instrument all day, to become better every day.

As for some of the facilities that this instrument offers us when starting in it, we could mention in fact that the size of the instruments, even in their different tonal ranges, are of relatively small sizes that can facilitate the introduction to this instrument from an early age, without the need to undergo an adaptation of the instrument as such for learning in children. This fact encourages us a very great specialization on the part of people who started in the Ukulele early, although not only in them, but also in people who had never played a string instrument and in those who have, too. It is an extremely versatile instrument that anyone in the family can learn.

Another aspect that seems to me of importance is the number of strings, since they are the exact number of fingers that we have to make steps to produce chords, so that the positions of the hand to reach some accord on the instrument are relatively simple and easy to remember. This makes it very easy on the Ukulele to remember and produce a large number of chords within a short time of learning the instrument. This, together with the size of the frets, greatly facilitates us to be able to play any chord, even without previous knowledge or skills in string instruments.

These aforementioned aspects seem to me to create in this instrument the great advantage that from the beginning of practice we can start with a large number of songs, with different styles and different musical genres, according to our tastes. There is no song that sounds bad on the Ukulele, that's for sure. The rhythms can be adapted to the complexity you are looking for: calm and slow rhythms, ideal to start learning, to very complex and joyful rhythms, which will challenge our skills and finger speed.

It is simply a unique instrument, that from the moment you try it you will want to learn more.

  • Juan Pablo Palacios Suari
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  • IG: juanpifilomontes

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