Why is the ukulele the most incredible instrument in the world?

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

-Dedicated to my girlfriend who never stops smiling

Why is the Ukulele the easiest instrument to learn?

Or rather, why is the ukulele the most incredible instrument in the world?

I started watching videos of Melissa Robles and I liked all the covers she did, I started to see where I could buy a ukulele and I started saving money, it took a few weeks until I managed to raise a thousand pesos and I was able to buy my first ukulele, he was a beautiful soprano.

After watching so many cover videos and song tutorials when I didn't even have a ukulele yet, I learned the major chords, and instantly when I bought my ukulele I could hear the delicate and beautiful sound that the C major chord causes, it was a world apart From the chords that sounded around me on guitars, the ukulele at that time became my favorite instrument.

I practiced and practiced to be able to learn songs and I started with “Limón y sal” by Julieta Venegas, I do not deny that it was a challenge to be able to sing and play at the same time but my perseverance of wanting to achieve it overcame my lack of coordination in my arms and voice, for The day finally came when I was able to play my first song after two weeks of practicing strumming patterns over and over again I was able to achieve it, it is a huge satisfaction that one gets when one can enjoy playing a song on ukulele and also being able to sing it at the same time. time, that feeling is priceless.

I could not resist taking the ukulele to school and although I did not know how to play many complete songs I could strum a Joyful G chord, followed by a Serious A major chord, immediately as a surprise the Friendly D major chord arrived, suddenly without No warning, the situation changed to a scene of darkness with a Sinister D minor chord, to suddenly end in happiness, in the hope that the Playful C major chord transmits to us and so ... the cycle would repeat itself.

My friends loved the brilliant sound it produced, so there was a little hand picking up the ukulele accompanied by a little voice asking for help to learn some chords.

I loved to see how people let themselves be carried away by that instinct that takes us to magical places of imagination and happiness, curiosity attracted eyes to a wooden magnet in the shape of a ukulele, you could hear murmurs saying: "Look at that little guitar" " How nice!!" It is part of the emotion to see something so small and so practical, small things give tenderness and cause happiness, but this ukulele seemed small but in reality it was giant inside so much that with a note it could overshadow the rest of the instruments around it.

It was 2016 in those days, my fanaticism for Melissa Robles and her group Matisse led me to find many treasures, in the lyrics of her songs, in enjoying the wonderful rhythm that transformed the music when Melissa and Eureka (her ukulele) entered into action, So for my fortune they would give a show in Tijuana, the city in which I live, do not hesitate and buy the tickets, I took my ukulele along with a sharphie marker because I was hoping that Melissa would sign it, it had been more than half the show and I had not been able to approach to ask for the great and much desired signature of Melissa between the breaks of each song since my seat was far from the stage, I had lost hope, suddenly people began to get up from their seats and run towards him stage I did not know what was happening but I definitely had to go, I was going with my dad so I told him to go, as soon as he said that last word we were going super fast in the direction of the stage, people I went crazy under the stage, I felt emotion, happiness, too much desire to dance when I saw my idols in front of me, my favorite group, so there I was in the middle of so many people stretching my hand showing the ukulele towards the sky, Melissa looked at me Suddenly a man from the staff onstage approached me and amidst the ecstasy of the people asked me for my ukulele, there was no need for a word ... Melissa was signing my ukulele.

My dream had come true.

The ukulele unites people, unites the world.

When I took my ukulele I could see the phrase he wrote:

"Long live the music that unites us" -Melissa 2016

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