I need a new ukulele!

by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

I want that ukulele!

The ukulele personally, besides being easy, is an instrument
beautiful where you can play super happy melodies with rhythms
sticky that make you smile and even want to dance, it is also
able to make melodies that accompany sad lyrics, the laments

relief of any heart.

For personal reasons, I would dare to say that it is the instrument
easier (maybe rope, because the world and the number of
different instruments are huge!) mainly because I,
born with a left hand disability, so
obviously it would be difficult for me, until I came to consider that, although
having a great love and passion for acoustic music, my world became

I would limit myself only to listening to it, not producing it.

But knowing this little instrument and a great teacher who
I considered impossible things non-existent, they changed me
totally the panorama that all my life had considered real.
Well, after an effort to learn and accommodate things to me
way (left-handed stance, plucks and strums) I'm here, with a
lots of songs learned and to be learned, with my little one
partner, a uke soprano, who opened the doors to a world
new and no longer impossible, such as having begun to
learn guitar, since I am convinced that, like my
music teacher, there are no impossible if there is a great effort.
A ukulele player who, although he is from another state, has firm hope

going to play the ukulele one day.

Thank you!

Josué Sánchez Guadarrama.

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