Motivation to play ukulele

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

Why is the UKULELE an easy instrument to learn?

In addition to looking like a common instrument, it is the opposite
for having diverse qualities and compositions some of it is
that is eco-friendly, practical, inexpensive and easy to learn
The Ukulele is ideal for all ages, from the smallest
even for our grandparents, for being compact in size, light
and the most important simple; It may take us to learn only 3 base chords to create, play and play new rolls, which will surely captivate more than 10.
One of the particulars added to the characteristics, is its accessible price because it is not very expensive to acquire, in addition to having different models and types, which regarding their composition are very resistant and durable. Another of the qualities of the Ukulele is that it has no limits and by this we mean that you can play all kinds of music, remember that music does not have
limits, as well as borders and friendships that can be found in the path of this cheerful instrument.

One of the recommendations with much love that we can give you is to put a Ukulele in the hands of a little one and a friend who has not played one and we can assure you that you will make them happy, in addition to keeping calm in their spectrum and relaxing.

Still can't find motivation to play a ukulele?


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My name is Mario Hernández Almaraz. Sorry for the time, it took me a while to see the ad and I hope I am still being considered for the contest. Now, I want to tell you my reasons why I think the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn.

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The first time I played a ukulele, I couldn't stop playing it.
All my life I wanted to learn to play the guitar, however, I have a problem with my fingers; which my little finger is much smaller than normal, my phalanx is "incomplete", so learning to play guitar was extremely difficult,

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I think we can all learn to play the ukulele !!! Entering the world of music and learning to play instruments makes you come to appreciate songs, concerts and the diversity of creating music.

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