It is very easy to learn to play ukulele alone

by Collaborative Blog August 16 2020

Hello ukuleleria!

The ukulele is an easy instrument to play, we all know it: it has four strings, it is small and ergonomic. It is something that we are probably all aware of, however I will tell you why the ukulele is an easy instrument to play, based on my experience.

I was myself, a 12-year-old girl, tired and bored from playing the piano for years, I wanted something new, a new environment. It was there that I decided to start playing the guitar, one way or another I got a borrowed guitar and someone to teach me how to play it, at the beginning it was more complicated than I thought. My fingers did not reach the frets to play a chord, I have always been small, so my hands are too, they are obviously mine.

I know it wasn't good, but I gave up. I tried too long, until I got tired, they were long and stressful weeks, where my desire to learn to play the guitar and my skills fought and decided never to meet.

I pass the time and I saw a program where it was a girl playing ukulele (Grace Vanderwaal) and got excited, my first impression: “¡ah! It's a little guitar ”. It was love at first sight.

I saved for a year to buy my own ukulele. To choose it i asked helps a cousin who is a musician and lives in Morelia, he sent it to me from that time place. I was the person more happy world, but there was a problem. In my city there was no one to teach me, but I decided not worry about it, I learned alone, of course with some internet resources.

The ukulele has taught me too many things over the years, including being self-taught, and she is the one more I appreciate.

The ukulele is one of the instruments more easy to play and, esto opens a world of possibilities, from sound combinations, to moments incredible, all in a wooden box with four strings.

Just imagine how easy it is to play the ukulele if you can learn by yourself. Not just any instrument allows you that.

Ivanna Zepeda :)

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