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by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

Why is the ukulele the easiest instrument to learn?

By Jana Solorio

Have you ever felt like something becomes completely yours, something you never thought you were capable of, but when you try you consider yourself stupid because you didn't dare before? That is what I felt when I started playing the ukulele.

I'll tell you my story a bit, it was August 2019 when, by chance of fate, a ukulele tutorial appears on YouTube, I can't remember what tutorial it was, but I remember well that I didn't sleep that night because I saw dozens of tutorials for songs I loved. It happens to me at that moment to enter Amazon (because at that time it was the only site I thought about) and I found one that I could pay for, but I did not buy it.

The next day I spent the whole afternoon looking at the item added to my cart without confirming the purchase order because that money that I would spend would be the last of my savings, it was money that I saved for emergencies and it was important to decide what I would spend it on, but I was afraid . Very afraid. The reason for what I felt was because I had already tried to play an instrument, because with how little or much madness I am, in previous years I had tried to play the keyboard and failed, disappointed I sold it and decided not to buy an instrument again, but two years later I decide to buy a guitar "Everybody plays a guitar" I said to myself, but it's not true, honestly not everyone has enough skill to play it and even though he was with me for a year I could never even get a song out and what do you think again I felt a total failure and sold it and promised, again, never to buy an instrument.

Something very important in this story is that I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and now more than a disorder it is part of my personality and it is something with which I learn to live day by day. What does this mean? That my patience is the size of a walnut and anything new I try is fifteen times more likely to let it go than anyone else, I attribute this in part to my disappointing keyboard and guitar skills. That was why that same week I approached my musician friend (because of course we all have a trustworthy musician friend) and I asked him the same question that you are asking me right now, is it serious that the ukulele is the easiest instrument? of learning? Will I be able to do it? Will it be good to spend my last savings on something that I don't even know if I can achieve? To which he simply replied “Any money you spend learning something new is never going to be wasted money. You can do it". And at that very moment I was able to click on confirm purchase.

My ukulele arrived after three long weeks of waiting, I saw it and I know it was love at first sight. It was so small, so beautiful and out of tune lol it took me all afternoon to learn how to tune it, but the next day I was ready.

The next morning I took my ukulele named "Haley", I took an old notebook to write down the songs and I put in a video tutorial and the song I learned was that of "City of stars" from the Lalaland movie. A person without anxiety might have first learned to strum, would have learned the basic chords, would have practiced exercises to improve their technique, but not me. I am a very desperate person who already wanted to play one of my favorite songs and I spent days and days practicing and practicing until something that I could call "decent" came out.

I remember that at those times I didn't even care if it turned out good or bad, I was super happy because whatever it was, I was playing! I was finally making music something I thought I could never do and when I finished the song I went to show it to my mother (who by the way didn't even know she had bought a ukulele). I played the song in front of my mother and when I finished I put the ukulele on the table and my hands started to shake. I didn't know why I was trembling, maybe it was stage fright, maybe it was the emotion of finally realizing that I had a musical talent even if it was minimal. Even at that moment my anxiety was at peace, my voice from anxiety said “Ok! You did it. Very good". And since then I have not stopped.

Now every time my anxiety speaks to me, it wants to annoy me and tells me that something is wrong, I take Hal and start playing, that with the simple sound of the strings that my beautiful ukulele produces, I stop listening to the anxiety and I can hear myself , I can hear my real voice, my calm voice. It is a truly incredible satisfaction to practice a song and realize that I am capable of learning new things and since then I have not stopped, I think that if I learned to play such a captivating musical instrument I can learn new things and I have imposed new challenges. And all thanks to Hal.

Since then every morning I drink my tea and start playing a song to start my day right, since then my sadness, worries and fears are erased with each chord I play and I am grateful that my friend has encouraged me to spend those last pennies that They fit me because nothing is more worthwhile than that feeling of well-being that no medicine and no therapy have been able to give me. Since then I have fallen in love with Hal and he is my best friend.

If you ask me why the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn, I could summarize it in four simple words: because I learned to play it.

P.S. The first photo is from when my ukulele arrived.

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