The ukulele conveys happiness

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020


By what its Tan easy de to learn ?

A couple of days ago I entertained myself thinking why the ukulele is such an easy instrument to learn and why did its simplicity convey so much happiness when listening to it? , I finally came to the conclusion that the ukulele also has some things with considerable difficulty, and it is not learning to play overnight, an instrument is never fully learned, there will always be new things that will make you push your limit. ukulele.

The things that make this instrument so easy are mainly its 4 strings and its size, you will realize that with very little you can make a great song, as the instrument only has 4 strings this gives us the advantage that between each string there is a space wider so that you can create chords more easily, although as you already know there are six types of ukulele: sopranissimo, sopranino, soprano, concert, tenor and baritone, and each one has a different size, which means that the larger the instrument, the more space there will be between each string and each fret, and this will make it easier for you to form the chords with less difficulty J.

The ukulele is one of the most incredible instruments that can exist, since from the first time you play it, it grabs you and never lets go, BUT BEWARE! Just as most people find this instrument very simple, there are also people who find it too difficult to learn and master it correctly, so it often happens that they think that it is impossible to learn and they never manage to play it or until a person inspire so much that they change their mentality that it is something very difficult, thinking that it is something very easy and above all fun.

There are people who know how to play the ukulele quite well, but they do not know how to convey the feeling of each song, for example when you go to a concert and your favorite singer, you get excited, you laugh, you feel your skin crawl, I have even cried, and that is what gives life to the song and the essence of the one who plays, personally I feel that if a musician cannot convey the feeling and does not connect with the song, he cannot really be a musician.

Let's go back to the subject of ease, in case you already have experience with music or some approach with it, the ukulele will be much easier for you and you will start playing your first song is a matter of a few days, and otherwise if you do not know no music, this could be your first instrument, maybe you will release your first song in a few or a few days or a few weeks, but there is no rush !!

Did you know that music helps reduce stress levels in people?

Now that we have finished saying why this instrument is so easy, what are you waiting to buy a new or a first ukulele ???

Ok zeti

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