The ukulele connects you to music

by Collaborative Blog August 16 2020


First of all, good morning, afternoon or evening. God bless you.

Why is the ukulele the easiest instrument to learn or play?

Well personally, the ukulele is a very beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound, it is warm and welcoming, because I say it, simply because I feel that the ukulele connects us with the music through the beautiful sound it has, that sound that in We like the particular a lot and I like it a lot.

I feel that the ukulele is easy to learn because it is four strings of particular sizes, be it soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.
Which are different sizes that each emit a different sound.
Going back to the topic, it is easy to learn to play the ukulele super fast, it is simply to grab the ukulele and start strumming the strings, place your fingers making the note and that is where the little and great adventure towards the ukulele begins because you feel that emotion and you say wow what I just did, I can't believe my first note and my first strum that sounded good and there you go on and on until you get the first song and you get very excited because you thought you couldn't get a song out.

Likewise, it is easy to play it if one tries hard to learn everything about the instrument, of course everything at first will hurt our fingers because we are not used to using them that way but that is temporary that afterwards one grabs the touch and
It goes as if nothing, unlike other instruments that we take a long time to learn and we leave because we do not know and we get stressed, instead the ukulele is easy, I say that whoever picks up a ukulele there begins a great adventure into the world of music which if you like it a lot you will not stop playing and you develop through the strings, the sound and the notes.

And that is my little review of why the ukulele is an easy instrument to learn is an art, that is what unites us and we all like it as artists because that is what we are, artists who are leaving their mark wherever we want let's go with our ukulele.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading this, I know it is not much but it is what I think personally, thank you very much and may God bless you in a great way.
Jos Camacho

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