The small and comfortable instrument: the ukulele

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

Why is the ukulele the easiest instrument? and why not?

First let me tell you the theory of a monarch who called him that, referring to him as "the gift that came to us." It is a small and comfortable instrument, not to mention that it looks very pretty.

Thanks to its small size I can take it to the beach and watch the pastel green sunset. It has a high register and matches my high-pitched voice perfectly. There are countless songs that you can learn in your first months with your ukulele, you love the little piece of wood and also the community that is formed around ukuleles.

It is a musical instrument that is not aggressive and has a unique and beautiful register. Chords are very easy to finger on the ukulele and you don't lose the ability to make complex chords. You can take it to school and play without the hassle of carrying a bag in your transport. Not to mention the original way to give the morning to that friend who is a light shining in the dark.

Despite being easy every day you can improve and give more your special touch to the way you play. For something being simple does not mean that it is not special, but quite the opposite, you can start with something easy and little by little you improve your level and give more complexity to your touch. The only bad thing I find is that they say “guitar” to your ukulele, but little by little you get used to your friends to call it by its name, even if it takes longer. You can accompany the evening perfectly without fear of making mistakes because it is very easy to memorize the songs and at that moment you become the soul of the party or small meeting. As it is so mini, you can take it everywhere and that way you avoid the risk of theft by leaving it at the house of a stranger among other cases.


 It is small

 Easy to transport

 Very easy chords to finger

 You can give it your special touch

 Be very beautiful, look at it.

 Many ways to find song chords on the internet.

It is just perfect in many ways.

Cristian Mauricio Vazquez

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