Find out why the ukulele is easy to play

by Collaborative Blog August 16 2020

Because the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn



Because the ukulele is the easiest instrument to play,it would be easy to sayr which is due to having only 4 strings that appeara be simple to look at, not surprising for its small size go! what you can learn in 10 minutes by watching a video in yutu !! And the truth is no, yo I think it's easy to play because even without experience in any instrument you can make it sound good, it's easy to learn to touch because even when the tips of your fingers hurt you for not having calluses you want to continue, it is easy to learn to touch because you can spend more than 2 hours practicing that song you want, it is easy to learn because you want to sing and not just playIt is easy to learn to play because you can connect your soul to something physical and transmit what you feel.

Ri remember have listened a ukulele to later see its shape in the song"somewhere over the rainbow de israel kamakawiwo'ole lyricsI think it wasn'ti the only to have had his first approach to the ukulele with that song, but for me without much admiration until just a couple of years ago, it was only when the instrument startedzwas going to regain pupularity again, I was almost ¡in love! seeing how a girl played and sang the song of la vie en rouse, when I enter that hunch of "I should have a ukulele"but as all thought was momentary and forgetful.

When entering the university they had workshops recreational and among them music, say then because they are not obligatory as you want, seeing all the instruments that you canI decided to learn 2 from them, guitar or ukulele which was itra My surprise that they had ukulele classes but like everything in life there was something wrong, they didn't have ukuleles to lend and if I wanted classes I had to buy it, disappointed I started with the guitar lessons.

By not habI had my cousin tocerning with a ukulule gave up on tener one until in a series called "rilakkuma and kaoru" in some of its chapters they took out an instrument that it looked like a ukulele, butwhat is this it is very weird I figured, It did not have that characteristic shape of a guitar, it looked like a raisin with its oval shape but among its rarity and strange shape It caught my attention and investigating I discovered that it was indeed a ukulele but it was a so-called pineapple shape and you could only have it in that size e doing research even more I discovered that there was not only one type of ukulele; it was a whole world !!


Not only did the classic ukul existewhat everyone called "the little guitar" existed Baritone, Concert,Tenor, Soprano and even one more peI want the latter the sopranino, also one that was a function between a Banjo and a ukulele and a couple of months agos I heard of other that it was the function between a bass and a ukulele, they were made of plastic and very fine woods, of many colors and designs, There were normal or electro acoustic ones and I without any experience and without ever having played a ukulele in my life I decided on unosame as I saw in that series, the one that was shaped like a pineapple.









Tras months collecting money and my father supporting me with half of what it cost or well a little more than half, my ukulele finally arrived, now I could say that phrase "my ukulele" after fine tuningrwhat was not so facil how i thought i could make my first chord un ¡fabulous do! well this is easy I told myself; the first song that I started to turn on was somewhere over the rainbow And well it was something easy since I had a little experience with the guitar classes that the school gave, obviously I wanted more and he told me I will learn the song of the Friday. en rouse, it could go wrong.

It was when that whole world of joy collapsed there were chords more complex than just a C, my fingers were apparently too big for the type of ukulele I chose, the cansion no longer consisted of only 4 chords and the truth was that I was very disappointed,I thought it was the ukulele for its size and I even thought about returninglo to change it for one suitable for me according to me, but in my mind it existed isand thought (Which so and nots instrument and it's me), I had 2 options to return it and ariefollow me a I found outar if it was really me but losing the ukulele in the shape of a pineapple and the second option era keep it and find out to bad because I didn't want to lose it because of its shape pineapple y also ya it was special to me, thisba very disappointed in me and how little I could do,sisand from learn that song, followriawith algunas easier and about keep that ukulele,

My ukulele!

It's been almost a year and a half since I have it, No. I know hizor easy after what happenede to more songs easy but my goal was to learn the fri en Rose, I spent almost every day practicing over an hour, I never thought that fingers couldn get to hurt because after all the strings are very soft right !? But there came a point where I could no longer play for the pain, Another great obstacle was to go from closed chords to with segilla they simply did not come out, many times huntil I left I thought about it, I frI used to work a lot and nothing came out, my friends even made fun of just being someoneen what tenthe ukulele for being fashionable, if I think about it lo better I just want to learn ukulele to pretend (I'm not even good I told myself) but reflecting, I said no! It was precisely there that I realized that it was not like that and I was going to seggo learning and improve every day remembering why at first I had it and it was because with chords so simple me inspirabjoy and desire to sing ...


It was when I rediscovered why the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn,

You don't have to play a thousand chords at once, know the most complex songs in the world or can name all the chords in ingyous and in Spanish, it is enough that you can connect your mind with the feeling that you want to give to what you play, that causes you such a feeling that you can get out of your comfort zone and make others hear you play and sing, that with each new song That you learn make you want to learn 10 more, that this instrument as small as you see it from to in the future if not already at this moment the motivation to write now, sing and why not dance your own songs, that's in my opinion y mi own sense that meda have a ukulele; I am Javier Cruz and one day I will be a great ukulelist even if it's from hobby, and that's why I think that

the ukulele es the easiest instrument to play.

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