How to be the best at ukulele?

by Collaborative Blog August 14 2020

How to be the best at ukulele?

Have you ever felt that indomitable desire to want to make music, but when you dabble in an instrument you realize that you are not good enough? I am.

A few years ago, to be exact in 2011, while I was in high school I entered a music Workshop. It was wonderful to see all the guys who played their guitars with arpeggios, compliments and various flourishes that made me very pleasant to hear, so I tried to follow in his footsteps.

After a few weeks, on September 16 - a date that I remember very well - I went with my mother to buy a guitar. We could only find a store open that sold bumper guitars, I chose one and went home happy. For days I was watching youtube videos on how to play chords and that was where the first problem arose, unfortunately I was not Mr. Incredible, so my poor fingers were not elastic at all. I struggled a lot to be able to learn major chords, then minor, sharps and sevenths. I found a variety of tones for which I was not prepared and that the simple fact of seeing them created a kind of dread in me, such as the Maj7 chords, diminished, increased, suspended and fifths, among others. I was only relegated to playing pure simple chords, because no matter how hard I tried, those dreams of arpeggios and requinteos were dying little by little.

My dream in music

This is how my dream of venturing into music through the guitar died little by little. Of course, I had the power to sing, but it wasn't the same if there wasn't a good accompaniment to give me security, so I gave up on that dream for a couple of years.

I learned about the ukulele from a friend.

In 2014, while I was in college I took up the guitar again and was uploading my videos to my YouTube channel. You can imagine how many views it had ... at most twenty. One day a friend from high school who was very good at guitar spoke to me because he wanted to record some songs with a new instrument that he had just gotten. When I arrived I saw it, there it was, a small 4-string “guitar”, the ukulele.

I was surprised by the beautiful sound coming out of such a compact instrument, so it didn't take long for me to ask questions about positions to play chords and realized that while on the guitar I had to press 3 different strings, on the ukulele I could achieve it by pressing only one rope. It was at that moment when I discovered it, my favorite instrument had arrived. Many times they say that there are things that one does not choose, but that they choose you. I'm very skeptical about those things, but with the ukulele it's hard to believe that it wasn't. For a long time I did not stop thinking about that instrument.

By 2015 things were not looking good and I dropped out of university, went to work and after a long time, a year to be exact, in 2016 I acquired my first ukulele. It was an inexpensive brand, but clearly that didn't matter to me. I was practicing and practicing non-stop every day (it should be noted at that time that from 2014 to this point I never left the guitar, I did not progress as I would have liked, but I acquired a little more agility in my fingers), until I advanced in a month all what with the guitar had taken me a couple of years. Suddenly the diminished chords were a piece of cake, the maj7 and suspended ones too. I began to discover chords that I never thought I would play and caress my ear with such exotic tones that they began to inspire me.

Some time passed and I kept uploading covers to YouTube, because with the ukulele the songs seemed easier and easier. The channel that I had began to grow little by little in a way that I had not expected. People's response to what I played and sang filled me a lot and made me feel special. And well, who doesn't like to feel like this? Over time I began to compose and create melodies by myself. The confidence that the ukulele gave me at that time was essential to have written a couple of songs in which I portrayed my environment, the place I came from. The beach vibe of the instrument plus my Caribbean life were a good match that I am grateful for, because a little coincidence led me to the best connection I could have and to finally be able to venture into music.

Currently my two little sisters and my dad are learning to play, because there is no age for this instrument. As for me, to this day I have three productions in Spotify.

The right instrument

The first two made by a producer friend that I met thanks to my channel youtube and the last one, for me the most important, is the first single from an album produced entirely by me from my home that will be released next month. Here comes the moment of introspection, how is it that an all stiff wey has been able to do all this? The answer is easy, I came across a tool that made everything easier for me, the ukulele. And just like me, there are many people who are out there, waiting for the right instrument to be able to unleash its full potential and in my opinion, if you are one of those people, let the ukulele be your companion, let me introduce you through it. beautiful world of music and believe me that afterwards, everything will be easy for you. Because that's what life is about, finding things that give us confidence and make our development easier, and the ukulele, at least for me, is that.


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