Features that make the Ukulele the easiest instrument to learn

by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

Why the Ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn
By: Edgar Gómez Téllez

If you are reading this it is probably because you are wanting to take your first steps in the world of the Ukulele or maybe you are a more advanced musician and you want to confirm this data that we hold and here is why.

The Ukulele is much easier to learn to play than the guitar, so if you decide to start a journey through string instruments, it will surely be the best step to start it. Thanks to its reduced scale and variety of sizes friendly to the beginning musician and the enthusiastic learner.

And we don't just declare it the easiest only against its string cousins, as the Ukulele is in the top 10 easiest instruments to learn. A list in which it competes with percussion instruments, wind instruments and more, easily leaving many of its competitors behind.

But why don't we talk about the characteristics that make the Ukulele the easiest instrument to learn to play? Because before we get to that we wanted to give you a broader and more general view of its level of difficulty (or ease) against other instruments.

Features that make the Ukulele the easiest instrument to learn:

To begin with its economic accessibility makes us always one step closer to having our first or next Ukulele and that is always an advantage when it comes to good quality instruments.

Its size allows us to transport it to places where it would be too difficult to practice a larger instrument, even speaking of the largest Ukuleles, which do not reach the size of a guitar (plus it is more fun to play a Ukulele on the beach).

Its strings made of nylon are friendly to beginner fingers and are ideal for creating and improving the muscle memory necessary to continue practicing and having only four strings, it makes it easier for us to place our fingers for the chords that, also thanks to this, are easier to learn .

In conclusion: the Ukulele lends itself to being the easiest instrument to learn thanks to all these characteristics that make it a comfortable, portable and practical instrument for beginners and even for the most advanced musicians who are looking for a new challenge to pursue.

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