5 Qualities of the ukulele

by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

Ukulele, the easiest to play!

If this adorable and versatile instrument has one thing, it is the ease of learning to play it. Whether you have experience or not, the ukulele is a great musical learning and entertainment tool.

Playing the ukulele as a first instrument helps to enter the world of music in an easy and fun way. Some of the qualities that make it so peculiar are the following:

  1. Comfort:The body is similar to that of an acoustic guitar, but it is smaller and very light. Which facilitates its transport and execution. Whether it is played standing or sitting, holding the instrument does not create much effort or complication. Plus, the thickness of the neck helps you easily position your fingers for chord and harmonies creation.
  2. Chords and their strings:Taking a guitar as a point of comparison, the ukulele having four strings is much easier to play since there are chords where three, two, or even a single finger are used! In addition, the positions between one tread and another are regularly very close and it helps to practice the changes more easily.

  1. Learning:When you start in the world of instruments, the ukulele will be a great ally to learn about basic theory: such as notes, types of chords, circles, progressions, the language used to call each of them, etc. Once you have learned this, it is much easier to start with other instruments.


  1. Variety:There are many sizes and shapes of ukulele like people in the world! This is a great benefit, since thanks to its immense variety of materials and sizes, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, tastes and lifestyle.


  1. Be self-taught:Thanks to the internet you can learn a lot about this instrument. There are thousands of tutorials from beautiful people willing to teach you how to play the ukulele, such as on the Ukulele channel, where you will find many videos of theory, recommendations and more. So you can learn to play the ukulele at your own time and rhythm. As a personal tip, I recommend you start playing songs that you love and know by heart, so it will be easy to identify the changes between each chord to accompany the lyrics.


Each instrument has its beauty and difficulty, but don't be discouraged! With practice and a lot of patience you will achieve it! If you want to start, let it be with a ukulele!


Thank you very much! Greetings to all the Ukulelería team. <3

- Leo Saldivar

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