5 Characteristics of the ukulele.

by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

Why is the Ukulele the easiest instrument to learn?

In this writing I am going to mention the main points that describe how easy and fun it is to learn to play the ukulele

1. Your size. As it is a small instrument, its greatest advantage is transportation, the musician does not have the need to separate from his instrument, for example, on a plane, the ukulele is considered hand luggage, so it can be carried with him at all times.

2. It is an instrument for all ages. The Ukulele is the ideal instrument to enter the world of music, it will develop different skills and abilities of children such as memory, concentration, creativity among others.

3. Chords. Three or four simple chords are enough to interpret recognized melodies of any genre, from reggae to classical, and thus impress those who listen to you.

4. Can you be self-taught? Nowadays we have the incredible advantage of having internet access, where we have the possibility to search for practically anything at any time, therefore, finding the chords of a song is the simplest thing there is. It is enough to dedicate time and dedication.

5. Price. It is one of the least expensive instruments to start playing. You can usually find a good ukulele on a budget between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 to start with with accessories included.

Put a ukulele in the hands of someone who has never played before and you'll instantly make them smile. No one escapes the charm of its sound, an easy-to-use instrument that overflows with joy and zest for life. Everything requires some effort and dedication, but you do not need to have experience or know about music theory to be able to start with this instrument, it can be intimidating to want to learn an instrument without having any idea of ​​how complicated it can be, the truth is that nobody starts Being an expert, the first step is to decide and have the desire to learn, but above all to enjoy and have a good time, since in the end that is the fundamental purpose of music. Don't be afraid, all you need is to have your Ukulele, have all the desire to enjoy it and have a good time, if you already have that, I can guarantee you that in a very short time you will not be able to stop playing

Rodrigo Torres

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My name is Mario Hernández Almaraz. Sorry for the time, it took me a while to see the ad and I hope I am still being considered for the contest. Now, I want to tell you my reasons why I think the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn.

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The first time I played a ukulele, I couldn't stop playing it.
All my life I wanted to learn to play the guitar, however, I have a problem with my fingers; which my little finger is much smaller than normal, my phalanx is "incomplete", so learning to play guitar was extremely difficult,

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I think we can all learn to play the ukulele !!! Entering the world of music and learning to play instruments makes you come to appreciate songs, concerts and the diversity of creating music.

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