4 The perfect number, on the ukulele strings.

by Collaborative Blog August 15 2020

Why is the ukulele the easiest instrument to learn?

I could give n + 1 reasons to answer this question but I would like to start by saying that whether it is for your nephew, your daughter, your mother or your uncle, everyone within themselves wants to learn that compact sized 4-string melodious instrument that seems almost the son of a guitar, the ukulele.

Many find attraction to the guitar, but the truth is that the learning curve inside this instrument is so steep, that they do not know how many times I have seen guitars hanging on the wall for decoration or trapping dust and today to decorate the bottom of your Zoom meetings, And the truth is that for all those looking to achieve this dream six strings is too many to start with, 5 strings… doesn't sound good, but 4? That is the perfect number.

The ukulele is not an expensive instrument with our friends from Ukulelería and it will be a friend that will accompany you for many years and the maintenance is really cheap and with all this the question that arose is why do children ask for a recorder to learn and not a Ukulele? Let's be honest, anyone looks cool with a ukulele 😎 and this brings me to my next point, if everyone wants to learn guitar to become Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, or just to have fun, the ukulele is the perfect choice, although it has fewer different strings and chords, it is the perfect instrument for have that first contact with music and also much of what you learn in it can be transposed to use it on the guitar. With the ukulele you will accustom your fingers to striking strings on frets, you will understand the dynamics of the rhythm and you will understand how the songs that we listen to every day and that we love to listen to are formed. All these techniques will make you easier and more enjoyable if one day you dare to jump on the 6 strings.

Something we have to talk about and I personally adore is its practicality THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR THE UKULELE, with its compact size it has been my travel companion on countless adventures that have undoubtedly become more enjoyable, but don't be fooled by its small size, its sound so sweet, beautiful and impressive for its small size. Another impressive thing is that EVERYONE CAN PLAY IT EASILY, It is relatively easy to master a small group of chords and start playing, anyone with a finger can play C, I remember it was the first chord I learned and if you spend a couple of minutes safer that you can put out a whole song. The guitar is a bit more difficult, even mastering the most basic chords may require a certain tolerance for frustration ... And those who have tried playing the F or B minor chord will know what I'm talking about.

Sol, Do, Mi, La four notes and creativity as the only limit.

Finally I would like to dedicate these words to my Ukulele

Dear Ukulele, I will never be able to thank you for all the times that you have been there for me, thank you for that and more you have made my life a little more beautiful and more musical.

Beatmar Castillo Soto

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