4 easy chords in ukulele

by Collaborative Blog August 16 2020



Most of us live in the belief that playing an instrument is super complicated; but what they don't know is that the ukulHe is so noble that you can learn to sound a song since your first Study Day.

Be carefulIt is important to understand that to be a great ukulelist requires practice and effort.ero, many times people quit because only with exercises they do not feel that they are progressing and they get bored;that is why being able to touch aa song, albeit simple, interspersed with motivational exercisesto the person to follow until achieving play your favorite songs.

We can also take advantage of the resources that the technologydo not offer to be self-taught, lean on apps as THE UKULELE APP, YOUSICIAN; learn with ukulele lovers like MELISSOH EUREKA or CHORDHOUSE; and so you can learn at the time that best suits you and without leaving home.


Another plus to opt for this incredible instrument is how compact it is; about you can take it everywhere and practice in your spare time.

Yet you do not believe me how easy it is to play ukulele, here's an example:

HThere are 4 chords that will help us in this beginning: DO = C, SOL = G, LAm = Am and FA = F

Start learning these chords and ¡bang! already you can touch LA BAMBA to set family reunionsres, or if you want to try in another language RIPTIDE de Vance Joy (fun fact this singer is a ukulele driver), or you can add a D major and entertain the little ones with HAKUNTO MATATA, or like Camilo make your MEDIALUNA fall in love with this beautiful songn.


So do not fear and take a risk to know the beautiful art of the ukulele, I assure you that you will not regret.


Angie Rodriguez

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