20 Reasons The Ukulele Is Awesome

by Collaborative Blog August 17 2020

20 Reasons The Ukulele Is Awesome

Did you know that the ukulele is an easy instrument to play?

There are many people who want to learn to play an instrument and there are different types, in this case I will focus on string instruments. I have found that the following questions constantly arise:

How difficult will it be?
How much money will it cost me?
Will I need classes for it?

If you have asked yourself the previous questions and based on my experience, the string instrument, which is ideal to start with is the Ukulele, because it only has 4 strings. I will tell you a little about it. reason for which I decided to share my experience, the first instrument I had in my hands the piano, since I was looking for a simple but amazing type of accompaniment, however I had to take classes and it was not easy to start.

I had no interest in a string instrument, but a friend taught me
fascinating what the Ukulele was, its chords, rhythms, strums and the sounds that
Genera are wonderful, I was impressed and opted to buy one.

I was looking for options to buy, and boy, it was a whole world, because there were different sizes, colors, shapes, brands, and different materials, and even flavors, ok no, not flavors. The point is that there is a ukulele for each person adapted to their requirements or characteristics that they like best, for example: a person who has a taste for the Gothic may like a matte black ukulele, or a person who likes to travel, a yellow plastic ukulele, perfect for playing in a camp, beach, forest, etc. And even for kids a soprano-sized plastic ukulele is perfect. There are also different size: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone adapting to the person looking for a ukulele for sound and volume. When I had the opportunity to buy a ukulele and have it in my hands, it was enough to view videos on YouTube, in the Ukuleleria channel, where they explain in detail how the ukulele should be played, and it was there that I learned to play, from the basics to the more complex

On the ukulele, you can play many chords with one, two or three or up to four
fingers. Strumming is very simple and can be done in different ways and not
it is necessary that the fingers be particularly agile and flexible in order to
start playing.

The first song I learned was Lava You, a song quite
simple to start and very beautiful, and later I went with songs like
Yellow by Coldpay, Riptide by Vance Joy, The Judge by Twenty One Pilots,
Death in Hawaii from Calle 13 and so on. Furthermore, if you like to sing, This instrument would be perfect for accompaniment.

A friend recently told me that if I could give her a class, I explained how
do the strums and chords, and in a short time he was able to do it, it was in that
moment that I realized that it was a simple instrument to learn to play.
You really don't need to have music theory, since just looking at the chords or if you already have experience it will make you very easy to learn.

I'll give you some reasons why this is an amazing instrument and why
you should learn to play it:

1-Very easy to learn, with just a couple of chords you can explore an incredible world of melodies.

2- There is a ukulele for everyonen. From colors, shapes, materials, brands and sizes, that sizes range from soprano, with a somewhat sharp sound,
concert with greater depth of sound, tenor with greater volume and baritone
with a sound a little more serious.

3- Compact size, it can fit anywhere and you can take it wherever
Either without getting in the way or taking up a large space, and if you like to travel, a plastic ukulele is perfect for you since you won't have to worry so much about water or any damage it may cause.

4- They are cheap, you can start with something basic to get into this
wonderful world on a low budget.

5- You can keep creating with different styles. You can play various styles of music, rock, country, indie, pop, etc. As there is no limit.

6- Relaxing sound. Their melodies are very calm, perfect for playing on an afternoon after work hours.

7- Perfect for children. Children can love the ukulele, as it is the soprano with a perfect size, made of plastic material and with very bright colors for them.

8- You can practice anywhere. You can take your ukulele anywhere, alone
You will need a place where you can transport it if it is made of wood or if it is plastic you will not have so many worries.

9- Simple strum. Learning the ukulele is easy because it is an instrument
rhythmic strumming, although it can also be played as a main instrument
melodic. And rhythm instruments, especially this one, are very easy to play.
play even if you only know a few basic chords.

10- Wide repertoire of Songs. There are many, many songs for which
you can start playing, you decide.

11 Suitable for any age. From children to people of legal age.

12 It will make you happy, SCIENCE SAYS IT !!! After a long workday or a fairly exhausted day, just play a few songs on the ukulele and you will feel much better. A study from Harvard Medical School shows that music alters emotions and reduces stress even under difficult circumstances.

13 Perfect for singing. Soprano, concert, tenor and baritone have different sounds. If you want to sing along with your ukulele, you can find one that perfectly suits your voice.

14- It makes you be more outgoing. Even if you're an introvert, having a ukulele on hand can act as a wonderful safety blanket. If you want people to think you're cool but you're not the best socializing, you just need your ukulele and voila.

15 They are durable. A well cared for and powered ukulele can last you a lifetime
lifetime. The only thing you will need to do is change the strings and if it is wooden
give some maintenance to the wood so that it lasts a lifetime.

16 Improve your coordination. Learning ukulele makes both work
hemispheres of the brain, helping to improve skills such as: writing more
fast, do certain finger movements or even learn some other
instrument involving the fingers.

17 There is always more to learn. Once you learn a few chords
you can try changing the melody. Learn in different tunings
It can give you more creative freedom to cover your favorite songs.

18 Creativity. When you learn some songs you can try to play
songs that you never imagined would be on the ukulele, whether as rap, heavy metal or any other that you can think of.

19 Surprise anyone. Either playing with a couple of friends and even
take a little serenade to the person you like you can look like a star.

20- Everyone can come to like the ukulele. You just have to listen to its sound to make you fall in love with it.

What are you waiting to learn to play it. You only need a ukulele to your liking,
enthusiasm and a lot of attitude to learn to play this wonderful instrument and enjoy its benefits.

Pablo Montoya
Ukuleles for Beginners

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