César Porras

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Andrea Corona

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Eira Mazón

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Alan Zavala Ukulelería

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The best videos of youtube to learn easy and fast to play your ukulele.

by Alan Ruiz Zavala March 05th, 2016


by Alan Ruiz Zavala March 05th, 2016

Do you already have a Ukulele?

If your answer is YES, you may already be wondering what are the most popular accessories for our instrument? Which of them is indispensable? Or maybe you just want to find something you didn't know existed, that's why The Ukulelería brings you this little review of the ukulele attachments that exist in the market.

The 6 songs for ukulele you must learn

by Alan Ruiz Zavala March 05th, 2016

We hope that with these videos you will be able to take firm steps in your practice and motivate you to move forward in the fascinating world of the ukulele, remember that a video takes you to another place and in the suggested videos, you will find all kinds of songs that you imagine enough Put the title of your favorite song in the YouTube browser, adding the title ukulele tutorial.


by Alan Ruiz Zavala March 05th, 2016

Ukulele strings: Their differences and everything you need to know.

by Alan Ruiz Zavala February 23

Ukulele strings strings