WOOW at 2020 there will be a ukulele festival in Cook Islands !!

by Puerto Morelos November 03, 2019

WOOW at 2020 there will be a ukulele festival in Cook Islands !!

From 7 to May 12 2020 !!

Kia orana! Welcome to a little paradise!

The Cook Islands

The 15 Cook Islands are located in the heart of the Pacific, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. An oasis of freedom with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, warm weather throughout the year and authentic and friendly places. In less than 30 minutes from the plane to any beach, it is so easy to do everything you want in the Cook Islands. Come share our spirit Kia Orana and discover why everyone loves a little paradise.



Papa Jake - Cook Islands icon and ukulele enthusiast

For those who have visited the Cook Islands, and you who have not yet experienced a small paradise for the first time. Most likely, Papa Jake, who attends all international flights, has given him a serenade to welcome visitors and locals with soft melodies while waiting for his luggage to pass through the carousel.

Jake has been present at the Cook Islands International Airport for more than 35 years, with his winning smile and his soft voice, he touches his Hawaiian Kamaka ukulele while visitors and locals pass through customs and take their luggage.


Dharp with his Ukalele from 8 Cook Islands Ropes

D'Harp is a talented harmonica musician and blues guitarist, and since his early days, he has ventured into the ukulele. The D'Harps style has seen him associate with the famous Cook Islands artist, Brother Love, which led to a collaboration that led to the creation of Brother Love's fifth album, Somai on 2008. Recently, he joined Brother Love on stage as a member of his band, at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards.

Ukalele Gold Festival

DAG's - masters of 3 chords

The Golden Ukulele Festival welcomes the DAGs to the Cook Islands and join us in our celebration festival.

Peter Harbidge . Pete has been a musician since he learned the cornet since the 10 years. He has been involved in music bands, dance bands, orchestras, jazz bands, blues bands and Cuban bands. Ten years ago he realized his dream of learning the ukulele and the joy of music that always makes people smile. Pete is our esteemed leader of the DAG band. Pete coined the phrase and named DAG shortly after the band was formed, where he observed that the members of his band played the songs better using only the 3 chords, DA and G. They also played Bm7 perfectly. Things have progressed.

Jeff Morrison Jeff has been a rocker and music lover since the 60 years. Jeff plays an 8 string ukulele in the group that rotates with a banjolele or guitar from time to time as needed. Jeff was the New Zealand tuna fisherman champion in the NZ National Gamefishing Tourney on 2011. Jeff was an inaugural member of The Dag's with Pete and Tim. Jeff is a professional director of a public company in addition to our legal advisor in band.

Tim Dromgool . Tim is the oldest DAGer and the only member of the group that collects New Zealand's retirement every second Tuesday. Tim has played music differently since he was 8 years old. Profession: retired and organizer of the Cook Islands Tour for the Golden Ukalele Festival.

Puerto Morelos
Puerto Morelos


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