Ukuleles for children?

by Ukuleleria Guadalajara December 27, 2019

Ukuleles for children?

Hello Ukulelists I want to tell you something super nice that happened to me during this Christmas season.

Many people have chosen to give a ukulele as a Christmas gift and some parents did not hesitate to come and see which ukulele is the best for their little ones, so today I will give you 5 options to choose the one you like best for you or your small.

Chord color

The best ukulele for a child and for beginners too, a UKULELE THAT TELLS YOU HOW TO PLAY IT !!!

That's right, the Color Chord is a ukulele that has the chords marked on the arm and thus it makes it easy for you to learn to play in addition to being made of ABS material that has the advantage that is waterproof, you can take it to the beach or pool and nothing happens.


Colorful and resistant ukuleles obviously we had to include the fantastic Waterman in this list of ukuleles for children and beginners.

Waterman ukuleles have a great variety of colors and are therefore adored by children, also in this line we also have a concert size that is very helpful for ukulele beginners and uke-addicts who want a new member in their ukulelesca family.


Ukuleles with design? Sure! There are also the funny Kala Ukuleles. Ukadelic, the fun part of the Kala family!

With beautiful and fabulous designs, ABS plastic too, Ukadelic ukuleles are the favorites of many people and children because they have unique designs and just like Waterman are mega resistant, they even have a pretty beautiful sound.

Makala Shark and Dolphin

"Why the Ukulele Shark?" you wonder, well what happens is that the Ukulele Shark and Dolphin of Makala are Hybrid Ukuleles, this means that they are a combination of plastic with wood.
The Ukulele is formed in this way: the soundboard is made of plastic, while the lid, bridge, mast and pegbox are so.

As we all know, plastic is a smooth material, so it encloses the sound inside the box a bit, but the wood on the other hand is porous so the sound comes out without any problem.

"Why for children?" Well the answer is simple, we children are very intelligent and most likely learn to play the ukulele without any problem, so if you want a wooden ukulele for your child but you are not so convinced or convinced, you can try a super Uku Shark or Dolphin 🦈🐬💖.


Ukuleles de maderaaaaaa yes, why can lol.
Of course, there are no age limits for a wooden Ukulele, it could even be even better, because you can give it one to feel the responsibility of taking care of it for what it is, a complete instrument.

Laminated mahogany an excellent choice for a child and a beginner.

Do you have other Ukuleles in mind?
Which one would you buy from your son or your nephews?

  • Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Marlene Carlos @ mizo.tzk

Ukuleleria Guadalajara
Ukuleleria Guadalajara


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