Kala Brand Waterman Plastic Ukuleles

by Ceci Rosas March 21th, 2017

Plastic Ukuleles? How are you? How do they listen? What is the price?

These are the first questions that come to mind when you hear about a Ukulele that is made of plastic. Doubts come: Does it sound good? Do they get out fast? They are good quality?

waterman ukulele color

The history of the plastic Ukulele briefly.

They were created by a super artist of the Ukulele of the 60´s years who was also a plastics specialist who created the first design of the plastic Ukulele and it was a real success! Because he knew the necessary and fundamental aspects of good sound, tuning and basic quality for an instrument. It was so good that it sold thousands of these models in the first year. Time passed and fashion went down a bit ...


Yes, we cannot say that there is no fashion and a BOOM of the Ukulele. There is. The amazement of this forgotten instrument simply resurfaced and people today are amazed at how fast it is to learn an instrument, how practical a Ukulele is by its size, how joyful its sound is ... well, it has everything! So clearly the plastic Ukulele would have to return to fashion and the brand that has best achieved it is Kala Brand, taking out its line of plastic Ukuleles of all colors and flavors called the "Waterman" line, referring to what (as its logo expresses it, with a Paddle surf board), it can be taken everywhere, get wet, take it to the beach, the river, the mountain ... wherever you want! It's going to hold that a wooden ukulele doesn't. So obviously a super choice was made for those who want to take their ukulele to the camps and to any side without being in anguish that "it will damage me, I won't lend it to you, etc."

plastic ukulele waterman

And how are the plastic Ukuleles?


Well, the most common are Soprano size, they are the design just like a wooden one, just that everything is plastic, the rope system and everything is the same! Same quality in the elaboration only if we say that the wood is supplied by plastic.

Let's talk about your sound

Well, yes, it is not a sound like that of a wooden ukulele, but yes, with all the experience we have with ukuleles, we can say that it has good sound, ukulele sound, neither too loud nor too soft, it does not rumble ugly, nothing weird. If I could tell you in a very direct way: If you are not very expert in ukulele sounds, you might not notice the difference in sounds between one and the other.

transparent plastic ukulele


Well, as we told you before; It is the IDEAL in these cases:

  • If you are a beginner
  • If you want to take it everywhere
  • You practice an extreme sport
  • You live or go to the beach a lot
  • You live in a very humid place (the wood swells)
  • You are half careless with your stuff
  • You like to lend your ukulele
  • They are the most economical ukuleles on the market
  • Ideal for children too

So you already know. And if you want to make sure how it sounds, search YouTube videos with these models. In the YouTube Ukulelería channel you can find!

Ceci Rosas
Ceci Rosas


Answer 1

Gustavo Mercado
Gustavo Mercado

July 30, 2018

Dear, I have a uke and stayed in the car and suffered a twist on the bridge, does anyone know how I can straighten it?

I remain attentive to any advice.

Thank you

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