Does your ukulele already have a brother? Addicted to the Ukuleles.

by Andrea Corona octubre 19, 2018

Does your ukulele already have a brother? Addicted to the Ukuleles.

What was your first Ukulele?

Mine was a red soprano, pine wood of a brand that I have not heard again. My parents gave it to me on a birthday. Then with my first salary at the 15 I bought a "wood color" of the worst quality in the world for $ 500MX but to date they are the best stories and I have a fantastic family of several ukuleles.

How big is your family?

Sometimes one is more than enough, but why not two? What suggestions are there to have that new baby in your family?
In Ukulelería we have incredible models that give great colors to do something increasingly fascinating example:

The fascinating Waterman!

This is a characteristic Ukulele for its completely plastic body and still with a pleasant sound.
It was done so that surfers could take it to the beach, because if you wet the wood it can swell, do you know what it means? You can immerse it in the water! resist the blows more in case you are somewhat careless a ...
Isn't it enough for you?
I will give you another very tender option ..


It is practically the same, its sound is a bit wider, since the plastic is not so thick.
The special thing, moreover, is that it is not transparent, these models are full of different figures in each Ukulele, from an innocent happy face to a fearsome and friendly skull, look here all those models ...


We've talked a little about the amazing pineapple.
A pineapple shaped ukulele.
It has the same tuning and is very unusual, so it is an excellent option. Fresh pineapple, fresh sound.
Although there is currently the form of pineapple but in presentation watermelon, kiwi, with great prints etc. Here!


Let's go back to the 20 years where The magician of the ropes "Roy Smeck" He worked magic with a Banjo. We may want to be like him, go to the waves very country or some of charlestone
The banjolele known for having the appearance of a banjo and a sound very, very similar to him, is tuned just like a Ukulele and just has four but sometimes they are metal, always has the unique sound


That? Ukuleles are half wood, half plastic although wood predominates.
The box is the one with the plastic and the lid with the rest of the ukulele are wood, a very beautiful sound that is worthy of being in your collection.
In Ukulelería there are dolphin and shark bridges, don't wait any longer!
We will finally tell you about ...


This one you can call "guitarrita".
It is a small guitar with the body of a ukulele of size between concert and tenor, the strings are nylon and have the tuning in Ukulele. It does not play like the guitar since the notes are transported 2 notes and a half above usual, that is if you want to play a C you have to make the shape of a G on the guitar.
Still not convinced? There are too many varieties to complete your family, wait for the second part and in the meantime you can choose between these many varieties of Ukuleles and train the last members.
Do you still have doubts? Write us!

Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


More than a corn lover. Hair by hair. @Ukulelesh worldwide. Googleame

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