Specialized ukulele store in Mexico.

by Mariana Valdez July 31, 2020

Specialized ukulele store in Mexico.

Where to buy ukuleles in Mexico?

Aloha ukulelista future
You have already decided to buy a ukulele, surely you have already searched the internet and saw all the ukulele options that exist, in sizes, brands, colors and everything.

Is it your first ukulele? let me tell you about the store where you can find everything.

Ukuleleria is a dream come true, after knowing ukulele and having changed our life, now we enjoy music, we learn a new song every day,

without a doubt it is the easiest instrument to learn.

The ukuleleria is approximately 8 years old, sharing happiness with many people.

It is not a common store, since we like you to have a different and unforgettable experience. from the moment you arrive, the tour you can do inside the store, we help you choose the best ukulele, you can go up to play on stage, have a coffee with us ..

I mean you enjoy your visit;) and well, if you bring a ukulele from this paradise, we do with you the ritual of the bell, where we celebrate that you enter the ukulele adventure.

You can visit the ukulele store on CDMX or GDL! That's right they are so special that you will only find a few ukulelerias <3


Ask all the questions you need.

without shame! During your visit you can ask all the questions you need to ask, and we will answer them all!
surely you have a thousand doubts about your ukulele, which is the best, the types of wood

Try all ukuleles

Than? can i use them SIII !!!

Do you want to feel them, touch them, listen to all the types of ukuleles we have? you can do it.

This will give you more confidence and you will be very comfortable with the ukulele that you take with you for a lifetime.

The best ukulele brands

so is! Here you can find the best ukulele brands, favorites of many new and professional ukuleles like:

Kala brand

Luna guitars



... and the ones that are on the way eehhh !!!

Well if you want to know and live this experience, write us to make an appointment:


Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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