Ukulele Tag

by Andrea Corona January 13, 2019

Ukulele Tag

The tag of Ukulele are questions we ask ourselves about Ukulele

These are the questions!

1 At what age did you start playing
2 Why did you decide to play that instrument
3 What was the first and last song you learned to play.
4 How did you learn to play the Ukulele.
5 What has been the hardest song you've ever played.
6 Who is your idol in the Ukulele.
7 What was your first Ukulele and how many do you have
8 All currently in some band
9 What song you don't like to play
10 Song you like to play a lot
11 Favorite genre to play
12 What is your favorite Ukulele size and why
13 What do you feel when you play the Ukulele
14 Which artist would you like to play with?
15 Which Ukulele would you like to have
16 Why people should play the Ukulele
Join the Ukulele tag!
On this occasion Andrea Corona responded
What do you think?

Do you still have doubts? Write us!


Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona


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